The head of the Amazon has lost more than $3 billion per hour

The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos

As the founder and CEO of Internet retailer Amazon Jeff Bezos the evening of October 27 fell by $3.2 billion to $67.5 billion in the first hour after the data release on the company’s profit, which was worse than expected, says the American Forbes.

On Thursday, Amazon issued a report for the third quarter. It follows that the net sales of the company grew by 29% compared to the third quarter of 2015 to $32.7 billion Operating profit increased by 41.6%, to $575 million and earnings per share for the year rose three times to us $0,52 per share. But this figure was lower than in the second quarter, when earnings per share rose 9.3%, to be $1.78 per share, below forecasts. As noted by Bloomberg, analysts expected a profit of $0,78 per share. In the background of this news paper Amazon during the additional trading on the NASDAQ on Thursday fell by 5.7%, to $772 per share from $818,36, at the close of trading. 45 minutes after the completion of the main trading session on the NASDAQ, that is 23:45 GMT, paper Amazon cost $to $ 782.1, and as Bezos was estimated at $67.5 billion, writes Forbes.

Bezos entered the ranking of the richest Americans, after the Amazon IPO in 1997. Then its condition Forbes estimated at $1.6 billion Since then, according to the publication, Amazon shares rose by more than 54000%. In early October, Forbes published a ranking of the richest Americans, where the Creator of Amazon took second place. Then Forbes, including the value of shares of companies Bezos on September 16, estimated fortune of $67 billion As mentioned by Forbes, Jeff Bezos has managed in a year to earn $20 billion — more than any other member of the list, and the result is pushed in the list is Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, who held second place after the Microsoft co-founder bill gates for 15 years.

In the Forbes ranking, updated in real time, as Bezos at the time of publication was estimated at $70,4 billion.