Results 50 athletes canceled after inspection of samples from the Olympics 2008 and 2012

MOSCOW, 28 Okt – R-Sport, Elena Sobol. The results are already 50 athletes who competed at the summer Olympic games in Beijing (2008) and London (2012), was cancelled after the fact, after the reanalysis of the doping tests.

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) in may 2016 initiated a re-examination of samples taken during the previous two summer Olympic games. Three waves rechecking revealed 46 violations, one case was closed. In 2009, IOC reported five positive doping samples that were re-tested after the appearance of improved technology. At the moment the procedure of verification of the samples is not complete, and this is only part of the medal changes in the results of the two Games.

Among those whose samples were positive, 18 of the Russians. In addition, Russian athletes should return 9 awards that were earned in cross country relay races for men and women at the Olympic Games in 2008. In addition, the Russians won two medals will go to their countrymen and, thus, will remain in the Treasury of the country.

The six medals the Russians lost at the end of the 2008 Games (1-3-2) – two bronze disqualified athletes will get the other Russians, who took fourth place – Tatiana Arkhipova and Elena Slesarenko; was also annulled the results of three athletes who did not win awards. Two awards have been deprived of Belarusian athletes (silver and bronze), one lost by the athletes from Turkey, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan (silver) and Armenia (bronze).

Earlier, in 2009, were deprived of gold and silver medals the representatives of Brunei and Italy, whose samples gave a positive result, along with athletes from Croatia, Greece and Germany, which awards did not win.

For the 2012 Games, the Russians lost three more medals (1-2-0), four of the athletes who have remained without awards, and was disqualified. This “test” has not got silver award wrestler Besik Kudukhov, a disciplinary investigation in respect of which was closed due to his death. Three gold medals was stripped of the national team of Kazakhstan (all won in weightlifting). Two — silver and bronze — team of Ukraine, one of bronze lost Belarus.

Beijing 2008

According to the results of the 2008 Games, the Russians will lose six medals. Gold in the women’s 4x100m relay, Russia lost after the trial of Yulia Chermoshanskaya were found traces of stanozolol and turinabol. The same substance was found and Anastasia Kapachinskaya, resulting in a team in the 4×400 m was stripped of the Olympic silver. Then have another member of this race – Tatiana Firovo – have also been found doping.

Ekaterina Volkova was deprived of bronze in run on 3000 meters with obstacles, however, the country medal will not lose her bronze can get Tatiana Arkhipova, which showed the fourth result.

Silver and bronze medals due to the anti-doping rule violation has lost weight-lifter Marina Shainova (to 58 kg) and Hope Evstyukhina (75 kg). Javelin thrower Mariya Abakumova, who won silver, also forced to say goodbye to the award because of doping.

Bronze in the 4×400 m Russian athletes lost because of a failed test by Denis Alekseev.

Recheck sample of pryguny in height Anna Chicherova gave a positive result, and the IOC stripped an athlete of Olympic bronze. However, the medal will go to another Russian woman Elena Slesarenko, who was fourth. The requirement to return the medal Chicherova filed a lawsuit in the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne.

Also, the results of the inspection will be cancelled results athletes Alexander Pogorelov (decathlon), Ivan Yushkov (shot put), Inga Abitova (running for 10 thousand meters).

Revalidation in 2009 and 2016, identified 33 breaches in Beijing 2008 (after 5 year and 28 this year), which are published at the moment. Eight other medals that belonged to other countries, will also be redistributed.

London 2012

At the end of the summer Games in London, the Russians will lose three awards. Tatiana Beloborodova (Lysenko) lost gold in the hammer throw. Previously Lysenko did not go for the Games in 2008 due to a two-year suspension for using steroids. Their silver are obliged to return the athlete Yevgeniya Kolodko, who was a shot put, and weightlifter Apti Auhadiev (to 85 kg).

Also for the anti-doping rule violation was disqualified, Ekaterina Gnidenko (track Cycling), Cyril Ikonnikov Dmitry Starodubtsev (both athletics).

Results of rechecking of samples deposited at these Games, in 2015 and 2016 were identified and promulgated on 17 (not taking into account Kudukhov) violations — 1 last and 17 this year. In addition to Russian will be redistributed six awards.

Be aware that earlier it was reported that positive results from the summer Olympics in 2008 and 2012 showed about a hundred samples. This means that the IOC will repeatedly publish the new data, and the results will continue to be revised.

For example, the approach still a number of lifters. At the end of August, the international weightlifting Federation (IWF) reported that the total number of athletes whose samples gave a positive result after rechecking, 25 people, including 16 medalists from seven countries. However, at the moment, officially their medals they are not deprived.

Aside from those among the already mentioned 50, is a citizen of Kazakhstan Ilya Ilyin (gold in Beijing and London in the weight category up to 94 kg), Anastasia Novikova (bronze Olympic games 2008, to 53 kg), Irina Kulesh (og 2012, to 75 kg, both — Belarus), Cao lei (gold medal of the Olympics-2008, to 75 kg), Chen Yourself (the gold medal of the Olympics-2008, to 48 kg), BJ Chunchun (gold medal of the Olympics-2008, to 69 kg, all — China).

Maria Grabovetskaya (bronze Olympic games 2008, over 75 kg), Irina Nekrasova (silver Olympic games 2008, to 63 kg), Vladimir Sedov (94 kg all — Kazakhstan), Khadzhimurat Akkaev (bronze Olympic games 2008, up to 94 kg), Dmitry Lapikov (bronze Olympic games 2008, up to 105 kg, both — Russia), Natalia Davydova (bronze Olympic games 2008, to 69 kg, Ukraine), Nizami Pashayev (94 kg, Azerbaijan).

The Executive Committee of the IWF on 22 June adopted a resolution that in the case of three or more positive doping samples from the Olympics in 2008 and 2012 after rechecking the Federation of the country, which are implicated athletes can be disqualified for one year.

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