The Russians were worse treated in Ukraine, the survey showed

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. A quarter of Russians (26%) stated that in General positive attitude towards Ukraine, four months ago, this assessment was shared by 39% of respondents, according to a study of “Levada-center”.

More than half of respondents (56%) in September said that the attitude to Ukraine is bad. In may this figure was equal to 47%.

However, the opinion of Ukrainians on Russia for four months practically has not changed. A good attitude in September was reported by 40% of the population (42% in may), the bad — 46% (43% in may).

According to almost half of Russians (48%), Russia and Ukraine should be independent but friendly States – with open borders without visas and customs. More than a third of the population (39%) were in favor of closed borders and a visa regime with Ukraine. For the unification of the two countries into one state was made by 8% of respondents.

With regard to the survey of Ukraine’s population, half (49%) would like to see relations with Russia closed borders, visas, 43% in favor of open borders and lack of customs, 3% dream of unification of the two countries.

The events in Ukraine “very” or “fairly” closely, 35% of Russians, without special attention, 43% and did not watch — 19%. The majority of respondents (83%) support the accession of Crimea to Russia, the opposite view is held by 13%.

More than half of Russians (61%) assess the current situation in Ukraine as “tense” and 18% called it “critical and explosive”. “Calm” and “safe” the situation in Ukraine say 10% and 3%, respectively. Almost half of the participants (48%) do not think that the situation there will change soon, a quarter (25%) predict a deterioration and an 11% improvement.

The survey in Russia was conducted September 23-26 among 1.6 thousand people from 137 communities in 48 regions. The results of the study of public opinion in Ukraine belong to the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS).

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