The construction of the first in Moscow Buddhist temple began in Otradnoye

MOSCOW, 27 Sep — RIA Novosti. The construction of the first in Moscow Buddhist temple began in the capital’s Otradnoye district, after years of delays and coordination with the authorities documentation, reported Thursday RIA Novosti Chairman of the Moscow community of Buddhists Dulma Shagdarova.

“All the approvals we obtained, we began the construction of the stupa, laying its Foundation. All work is carried out mainly on donations. The crisis is still felt, but the means to slowly arrive. We hope that with the construction people will understand that everything happens and will continue to donate money,” said Shagdarova.

According to her, after the completion of the Stupa of enlightenment will be built auxiliary building, and then work will begin the construction of the temple itself.

In October, the Chairman of the Moscow community of Buddhists met in Riga with the Dalai Lama. She said that he long ago gave his blessing to the construction of the temple. However, he always notes that the new temple should be not only a place for prayer, but also the institution that would be conducted educational work, that it was possible to study Buddhist philosophy and to hold meetings of representatives of different religious denominations and scientists.

“His Holiness every year reiterates that it must be not only the temple, but also a research center,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The appearance of a Buddhist temple will complement the existing ensemble of three traditional religions of Russia — Orthodox Church, synagogues and mosques. The idea of building a Buddhist temple in Moscow appeared about 25 years ago.

The first plans to build a 13-meter-high Stupa of enlightenment, which has sacred meaning for Buddhists, as it is designed to carry the benefit and happiness of all living beings. The next stage will be erected a small temple, and then a large temple with an area of 3 thousand square meters. The Church will be organized a big cultural centre, library, health centre and canteen. The construction organizers believe that the Church should become a symbol of tolerance and interfaith friendship, his door will be open to all religions.