Rabbi Beard: a monument to Petliura not closer, and alienate Ukraine from Europe

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine about the installation of the monument to Simon Petliura, only alienate Ukraine from Europe and will not bring her the head of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJC) Rabbi Alexander Boroda.

The erection of a monument to the leader of the nationalists, according to which the Republic, a wave of pogroms, planned the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the “Ukrainian revolution” of 1917-1921 years. The program of commemorative events approved on Wednesday the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“The leaders of Ukraine talking about its European way of development. In the countries of the European Union and EU leadership there is a clear line — people tarnishing his hands with the blood of civilians, unworthy of praise. Current line Europe in the field of historical memory demonstrates the opening of the monument to Alfred Dreyfus — the victim of anti-Semitic libel in France in the late 19th century,” — said RIA Novosti Rabbi Beard.

He added that “thus, making heroes of people like Petliura, Ukraine is not close to Europe, but instead moves away from her.”

The name of Petlura, according to the Rabbi, for the Jews “has become a symbol of bloody pogroms which some historians call “the forerunner of the Holocaust.” Beard noted that unfolded in Ukraine campaign for his “glamorization and glorification”, as well as those who collaborated with the Nazis, it leads “is clearly not there”, which declare officials.

The head of the FJCR also endorsed addressed to the Ukrainian authorities call the head of the Jerusalem office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, one of the world’s largest Jewish human rights organizations — Efraim Zuroff to discontinue the practice of glorifying the killers of Jews.

During the civil war following the October revolution of 1917, Petliura was the main leader of the troops of the Ukrainian national Republic and later led its directory. Defeated by the red army, he fled to the West. He was killed in Paris by the Jew Samuel Shvartsburd in retaliation for the pogroms in Ukraine.