Putin “Valdai”: on Syria, Ukraine and the election of mythology in the United States

KRASNAYA POLYANA (Sochi), 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Hours continued communication of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with participants of the discussion club “Valdai”, have become already traditional for this forum.

As Putin’s speech, and most of the questions the participants of the meeting the President touched upon the most pressing issues on the international agenda: terrorism, the situation in Syria and the role of Russia and the United States in settling in this country. They talked about the General instability of the current system of international relations, the disregard for international law, and also about Ukraine and the election campaign in the United States.

The contradictions are growing

His speech before the participants of the Valdai forum, the Russian President began by stating disappointing fact: in the year after the previous meeting of the club in the world “nothing for the better has not changed”, on the contrary, an increase in conflicts related to the redistribution of economic and political influence. According to Putin, burden of mutual mistrust limits the ability of the world community to respond effectively to the real challenges and threats.

Describing the current system of international relations, the Russian President noted that it “always reeling,” and principles in politics and economy are constantly shuffled and changed in favor of the interests of the “powers that be”.

“If today the mighty of this world the best any standards or regulations they are forced to obey them and all the rest. But if tomorrow such standards get in the way, they were immediately sent to the trash and declare obsolete and set new rules or trying to do it,” — said Putin.

Thus, according to him, some partners of the Russian Federation does not aim to resolve real international problems. So, for example, created during the cold war, NATO was never adapted to the new conditions, despite all the statements, he said.

“And such an important mechanism for ensuring pan-European and transatlantic security, as the OSCE is constantly trying to turn into a service tool of someone else’s foreign policy interests, and as a result, this important tool is idle”, — said Putin.

The Russian President stressed that in the world there is a request for the easing of geopolitical tensions, but this can not be done due to the “funeral” of the Russian Federation.

“Everyone has a request for the easing of geopolitical tensions, not only way to our funeral. If the Board is to reduce geopolitical tensions — our funeral, we one is not satisfied, including all those who had doubts about the effectiveness of the activities of the government and those who wanted major change, there are many in the country,” — said Putin.

United front no

In his speech, the President paid a lot of attention one of the major threats to the present world order – terrorism, in particular the situation in Syria. After Putin’s speech also many questions from the participants of the forum voiced on this topic.

“For example, the terrorist threat clearly manifested inability to evaluate the nature, causes, and the rise in threats. We see this by how the situation develops in Syria to stop the bloodshed and start the political process fails. It would seem, after long negotiations, a massive effort and complex trade-offs finally began to form a United front against terrorism, but this did not happen, it is not actually created,” — said the Russian President.

He stated that the agreement of Russia and the USA in the fight against terror have not worked.

“In Washington there were forces that did everything that these agreements were not implemented in practice. All this shows is inexplicable, I’d say the irrational desire of Western countries repeatedly make the same mistakes, as we have people say to step on the same rake”, — Putin said.

He warned the players of international relations from flirting with the terrorists.

“Terrorist groups continue to arm, supply, train in the hope of using them, as before, to achieve their political goals. This is a very dangerous game, and I want to again apply to such players: the extremists are smarter, smarter and stronger than you. And, flirting with them, you will always lose”, — said the Russian President.

Meanwhile, Putin stressed to fight terrorism and extremism need in deed and not in words, and he can win together.

The Russian President said that terrorists in Syria continue to arm and to turn against President Bashar al-Assad.

“Unless in Iraq were terrorists? Close there were no terrorists before the destruction of the state structures of the country. And in Libya? Nothing like it was. No terrorists there and the spirit they were not. As soon as I destroyed the statehood of the country, once the vacuum has been filled. Who? Terrorists. The same thing is happening in Syria,” — said the Russian President.

He noted that terrorists have emerged in Syria once the war has started there, and it happened long before the participation of the Russian videoconferencing in these events.

“The war in Syria, it started long before our involvement in these events, there once and now, terrorists. They began to supply arms, I talked about this in his speech, they began to educate, encourage Assad and so on. Because of other opportunities as would not be, they are the most effective. And still it continues. Because it’s the most effective combat units, they can, as some believe, to direct, and then we say, deal with them. Anything later will not work”, — said Putin.

Who has gathered the truce

Responding to a question about agreements with the United States on truce in Syria, the Russian President said that Washington itself is disrupted, as well as did not fulfill their commitments to division of terrorists and the opposition.

“The fact remains. Instead of breeding the terrorists “dzhebhat an-Nusra” and the healthy part of the opposition, the American partners have disrupted the truce,” — said the Russian President.

However, he admitted that the United States September 17, wrongly inflicted airstrike on positions of the Syrian army, but a truce declared on September 12, was thwarted and foiled not because of the Russian side.

“We were told that the strike was in error. And ISIS went on the offensive by accident is an accident. It may be so. But the truce was broken and not our fault,” said Putin.

The Russian President urged not to take on Russia the responsibility for the situation in Syria.

“And, anyway, not to shift to us the blame and not to blame all the deadly sins. But it’s just not right. We are keeping a low profile. And just rude they don’t answer. But also everything has its limits. Unable to answer”, — said Putin.

However, he noted the need to implement the agreements in the sphere of fight against terrorism, otherwise it will not be successful.

“But I understand it’s not an easy task. And we are not inclined anyone to blame. But certainly if what is agreed, should be executed”, — Putin said.

The terrorist attack in Boston could have been avoided

The existing lack of trust between Moscow and Washington hampered cooperation in the fight against terrorism not only in Syria. As noted by the head of the Russian state, if the U.S. side in time to pay attention to the information the Russian special services on the brothers tsarnaev, the terrorist attack in Boston could have been avoided.

“Indeed, we have provided their information on these brothers tsarnaev American partners, wrote one again – the answer is no, then once again, wrote again, no answer. Already, in my opinion, in the third or after the second time the answer came that “they are our citizens, you do not climb here, we’ll see”, — Putin said, answering questions of participants.

“But then, unfortunately, a few months later a terrorist attack occurred in Boston during the marathon, people died. Very sorry that this tragedy happened. If the contacts and the trust would be on another level between us and our partners, I am sure, could have been avoided this tragedy,” — said the President of the Russian Federation.

He recalled that after the U.S. came, the Russian side handed them the papers. Putin noted that the European, particularly French intelligence services cooperation develops better, there is Frank discussion and exchange of information.

Myths of the election campaign USA

In his speech before the participants of club “Valdai” Russian President did not ignored one of the most discussed topics of the international agenda – the election race in the United States, during which presidential candidates repeatedly addressed the topic of Russian influence.

In particular, Putin commented on time and again sounding in the US statements that Russia allegedly trying to influence the presidential election.

“Does anyone really thinks that Russia can somehow influence the choice of the American people? America, what kind of banana country? America is a great power”, — he said.

The President noted that during the election, the conversation should go on pressing political problems of the United States, and not about the mythical Russian intervention. In General, according to the President, allegations of Russia’s influence on the election process in the United States are mythical problem and hysteria.

“It would seem that America is really sharp and a lot of the really pressing issues from the colossal public debt to the growth of violence with a firearm and the facts of police brutality. Probably during the election, the conversation would have to talk about it… But apparently nothing special to say, there is nothing a society of calm, so much easier to divert people’s attention on Russia’s so-called hackers, spies, agents of influence, and so forth,” he said

Putin said allegations that the candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump is a favorite of Moscow, calling them a method of political struggle.

“This idea is thrown into the public consciousness during the presidential campaign in the United States, in my opinion, with only one purpose — to fight those who defend the interests of the candidate from the Democratic party in the struggle with the representatives of the Republican parties, in this case with Mr. trump,” he said.

Putin said that “there is an enemy in Russia, and then declared that the tramp is our favorite, this is complete nonsense”. “And it’s complete nonsense and just a way of political struggle and the method of manipulation of public opinion on the eve of U.S. presidential elections,” — said Putin.

He noted that the Republican candidate behaves extravagant, but represents the interests of ordinary people — that part of society who is tired of the elites in power. Meanwhile, Putin stressed that Moscow would work with any U.S. President, who will choose the American people.

“By and large, for us it is (who wins the presidential elections – ed.) more or less indifferent. But of course, we welcome the words, thoughts, intentions on normalization of relations between Russia and the United States. In this sense, we welcome such statements, from whatever came,” added the President.

Putin noted that he would like to with a new US administration in Moscow has developed a different relationship — the relationship of partnership and mutual interest. According to him, you need to attempt to break the vicious circle of mutual recriminations between Moscow and Washington.

Without a UN — chaos

Putin has repeatedly appealed to the primacy of the UN Charter which were treated lightly, and it is fraught with chaos in the world.

“…We loosely began to refer to the UN Charter, supplanting it when making very important decisions, pretending that it doesn’t matter, obsolete. And then, when the world is facing acute problems, those who are guilty in violation of the UN Charter, sharply beginning to call for the execution of the main provisions of the UN Charter,” — said Putin.

The United States repeatedly used military force in the world, in circumvention of the UN Charter, in particular, in the case of Iraq and the bombing of Belgrade, said the President of the Russian Federation. According to him, it is necessary to return to what is written in the UN Charter, because other such universal organisation in the world.

“If we refuse from it, it is a sure road to chaos. Nothing else in the world the universal does not exist”, — Putin said.

However, he noted that “the UN and the security Council need to reform and reconstruction”, but to implement them it is necessary on the basis of broad consensus.

Russia and Ukraine: the output will be found

During the discussion we were talking about the relationship of Russia and Ukraine, as well as the settlement of the crisis in the Donbass.

Answering questions of members of the club, the Russian President noted that the crisis in relations between the two countries will necessarily be found, and to do this is that Moscow and Kiev.

“But I believe in both and believed that Russians and Ukrainians is one people. We have people of extreme nationalist views in Russia and in Ukraine. But in General, most of them being single people. A history of the people, one culture. Very close ethnically,” said Putin.

“We are first split and then bleed. But we ourselves are to blame. And we have to find a way out of this situation. I am sure that common sense will prevail. And we have this release we find”, — Putin said.

Concerning the economic aspects of the relations of Moscow and Kiev, in particular the gas issue, Putin said that a lack of filling of underground gas storages in Ukraine raises concerns in Russia, Gazprom may resume gas supply at any moment at a price of $ 180 per thousand cubic meters on a prepayment basis.

About The Donbass

Commenting on the situation with the conflict settlement in the Donbass, the President noted that Russia is not against the extension of the “Channel group” (Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia), including at the expense of the United States.

“But we agreed, therefore, with all participants in this process that we with the American colleagues will work in parallel and, you know, we have my assistant, Ms. (assistant Secretary of state Victoria) Nuland meet regularly, well, regularly and these topics are discussed, looking for compromises and that, of course, is done not privately, not secretly. All participants in the “Norman format” in the know, you know, and we consider, of course, and the position of our American partners,” Putin said.

He reminded that Russia is the only participating countries “channel four” during the Berlin negotiations supported the proposal of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the arms of the OSCE mission in Donbass.

According to him, Russia calls it’s not a police mission, but the opportunity for those who will provide security for the elections, to be there with service small arms.

“Those who are against the implementation of this proposal, indicate that it might provoke someone unknown on the use of weapons against armed men. They believe that the strength of the OSCE observers is not that they have the weapons, and that they represent a recognized reputable international organization. And the use against them of weapons will be perceived as the unacceptable behaviour of someone else. If Peter believes that this would benefit, I personally support it. This strange situation — is the only one where our opinions coincide,” the Russian leader said.

He stressed that all participants in the negotiations in the “Norman” format is agreed that implementation of this proposal possible, but you need to work on, including within the OSCE framework.