Internet-shop “Yulmart” has sold 10% Bookmate

The retailer “Yulmart” has sold 10% Bookmate a private investor. This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Dmitry Kostygin, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti”. In addition, the “Hardware” continues the search for investors for your music player and Zvooq.

“We are for all companies looking for investors. For Bookmate found a minority investor, and Zvooq while in the process of peaceful negotiations”, — said Costigan.

Purchase price 10% Bookmate for a private investor totaled $2-2. 5 million

While Costigan noted that “the content market is very alive, once adopted anti-piracy law”. “You can expect that he will triple or pateritsa,” said Costigan. Revenue Bookmate and Zvooq experiencing rapid growth and is approaching $10 million, he added.

Bookmate, Zvooq, the Agency of online advertisements Unisound, platform “Theory and practice”, platform DI Telegraph coworking and included in Dream Industries.