In the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to close the Maritime aquarium

VLADIVOSTOK, 27 Jun – RIA Novosti. A petition demanding the closure of Primorsky Oceanarium on the Russian island in Vladivostok, where for weeks killed the Steller sea lion and two dolphins placed on the Internet.

The petition was published on the website and will be forwarded to the attorney General, the Minister of natural resources, branch of Greenpeace in Russia. At the moment the petition was signed by over 250 people.

“We demand that the aquarium was closed (at least, to eliminate all violations and threats to the life of animals), and animals were either released to a natural habitat or transferred to other civilized aquariums. Also demand that all those responsible for the death of animals (including guide) was prosecuted and received prison sentences,” write the authors of the petition.

On Tuesday morning at the aquarium, died two Pacific Whiteside Dolphin. The police began checking on this fact. The investigation reported that the autopsy of any external injuries on the carcasses of dolphins are detected, a histological study on the detection of poisons, toxins and chemicals.

Also last week at the aquarium were killed the Steller sea lion, rescued in the summer on Sakhalin. In the local media spread information that on the body of the animal was seen traces of blows with a blunt object. Previously on the website there was a petition with a demand to “punish those responsible for the deaths of animals in the Primorye Oceanarium”. The police opened a criminal case on the fact of death of sea lions.