Boeing has patented a vertical take-off passenger jet

The Boeing company has received a patent for a passenger aircraft that can vertically take off and land, reports The Business Insider.

The aircraft is equipped with two rotary propellers on each wing which can rotate in vertical and horizontal position. In a vertical position they can be used for takeoff and landing, as well as they are used by helicopters and during the flight to switch to the horizontal position.

According to the obtained the patent of the Boeing, the new aircraft will be able to carry at least 100 passengers, if to be used for commercial traffic. The aircraft can be quickly transformed for military purposes or to use as a private jet. The aircraft will also be equipped with four engines that will be attached to the wings of the aircraft.

As noted by Business Insider, the military with 2007 use airplane V-22 Osprey, capable of vertical takeoff and landing. It was built jointly by Boeing and Bell.

In September it became known that the patent and trademark office registered a patent of Airbus, which also is developing a hybrid passenger aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing.