The Juno probe came out of hibernation and preparing for the new rapprochement with Jupiter

WASHINGTON, 26 Oct – RIA Novosti. American space probe Juno in orbit of Jupiter, came out of hibernation and began preparations for the third closer to the giant planet, reported by NASA on Tuesday.

“Juno, as expected, came out of hibernation and answers our team,” said program Manager Rick Nybakken. Confirmation of the release of the device from a sleep mode in which it was on October 18, was received on Tuesday at 20:05 GMT.

After the start of full operation of the probe also “successfully carried out the turning on of engines for the preparations for the rapprochement with Jupiter”, according to NASA.

Experts continue to investigate the reasons why the computer system of the probe spontaneously went into sleep mode.

It is planned that in early November, will include all research tools Juno to explore the gas giant during the upcoming December 11 to approach him.

Juno makes a revolution around Jupiter for 53.4 per day. The first convergence device with Jupiter took place on 27 August and was successful, experts continue to analyze the data obtained. The second rapprochement with Jupiter the device is held in sleep mode and did not conduct observations.

The Juno probe flying to Jupiter five years from August 2011, in early July, closer to the giant planets and came to a stable orbit around it. The first two months after convergence, the probe spent on the reduction of the orbit and review of all scientific instruments, except that the unit is shot and transmitted the first pictures from a close distance the largest planet in the Solar system.

NASA intends to implement starting the engines of the probe, which should bring it to lower orbit. However, due to a failure of a pair of valves in the traction system of the device while this maneuver was postponed. It is assumed that after this operation the probe will make a flyby around Jupiter, not for 53.4 per day now, but for 14 days.