Poland is concerned by reports in Russian media about the strengthening of the Baltic fleet

The ships of the Baltic fleet

Poland expressed concern about Russian media reports that Russia plans to strengthen the Baltic fleet of small missile ships equipped with cruise missiles, according to Reuters.

“This is an obvious cause for concern. The movement of such ships in the Baltic sea changes the balance of forces,” — said the defense Minister Anthony Macierewicz.

On 26 October on the strengthening of the Baltic fleet in Kaliningrad, reported the newspaper “Izvestia”. A source claimed that already began forming division of small missile ships and crews in the Baltic fleet.

In Moscow has not officially confirmed the message of “Izvestia”, emphasizes Reuters.

According to the publication, the Baltic fleet will replenish the division of small missile ships “Buyan-M”, equipped with cruise missiles “Calibre”. In addition, the “Izvestia” write that part of the Baltic group will include missile brigade coastal defense, armed with missile complexes “Bastion” and “Ball”.

“Buyan-M” has a displacement of 949 tons Besides launchers of cruise missiles “Caliber”, the ship is also equipped with 100-mm automatic cannon and several machine guns. “Buyan-M” has a 30-mm rapid-fire anti-aircraft guns and missiles of complex “Flexible”, protecting from enemy aircraft.

On October 24 it became known that the Royal Netherlands Navy recorded along the country’s coast in the North sea two newest small-size missile ship. The commander of the Dutch fleet Rob Verkerk published in Twitter pictures of ships “Green Vale”, “Serpukhov” and tugboat “Victor Konetsky”, which, according to him, was taken from a helicopter.

In September, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal wrote that NATO deploy the “deterrent forces” of Russia in Poland and the Baltic States by may 2017. To create four battalions in the Baltic States and Poland, NATO countries agreed at the summit in Warsaw in July.