In Moscow will open the General meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences

MOSCOW, 26 Oct — RIA Novosti. General meeting of Russian Academy of Sciences, which for the first time since the reform of the RAS will be elected its new members, opens on Wednesday in Moscow. It is expected that after the elections there will be a substantial rejuvenation of the national Academy of Sciences.

The first day of the meeting provided for conducting a scientific session on “Genetic resources of plants, animals and micro-organisms in the service of humanity”.

It is planned that the session will be the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov, Vice-President RAS Gennady Romanenko, the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev, head of the Federal Agency of scientific organizations (FANO) Michael kotyukov, as well as leading Russian scientists in the field of genetics and plant breeding.

The main event of the current of the RAS General Assembly election of new Russian and foreign members of the Academy of Sciences will take place on Thursday. On Friday the adoption of the protocols of the counting Commission on the results of the secret ballot.

The previous elections of new members of the RAS took place in 2011. The following was planned in 2013, but due to the outbreak of the reform of the Academy of Sciences they have been cancelled. New elections were later scheduled for October 2016.

The reform to the Academy of Sciences was attached to the Russian Academy of medical Sciences (RAMS) and Russian Academy of agricultural Sciences (RAAS). Scientific institutions placed under the control of FANO.

The result is a valid RAS members automatically become representatives of the RAMS and RAAS, which has caused controversy among reputable scientists, who believed that Taha mechanical approach devalues the status of academician and corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences. In addition, after the merger the average age of corresponding members has increased to almost 70 years, and the figure among academics has not changed, slightly exceeding an average of 75 years.

This election should significantly improve this situation. For the title of academician allocated 184 jobs, for the title of corresponding member of the RAS — 334. In this case, for corresponding members half of the jobs allocated to scientists under the age of 51 years, and about one third of vacancies for academics is intended for specialists to 61 years.

Earlier, the head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov said that if the elections to the Academy will be held, as scheduled, the share of young correspondents will increase nearly five-fold, and the share of young academics — twice.