Apple hires ex-BlackBerry employees to create software for cars

To work on an operating system for cars Apple attracted former employees of Blackberry who already have experience in this field of research. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to sources.

Striving to create project Titan Apple has dozens of engineers. Many were hired in the past year, about two dozen came from owned BlackBerry Ltd, the company specializing in development, QNX.

The most significant of ex-employees of QNX, who came to Apple, Bloomberg calls the former Executive Director of QNX, Dan Dodge. From the beginning of 2016 he is working on the Apple Titan, assuming the control of an operating system for future cars.

Engineers work in the office of Apple in the suburbs of Ottawa, about a five minute walk from the office of the QNX. This is an unusual move for Apple, which usually develops new projects away from the headquarters in Cupertino.

BlackBerry QNX considers the main source of its future growth, writes Bloomberg. Operating system QNX is used in more than 60 million cars.

In April 2016, Apple hired the former Vice President of Tesla Motors Inc. for the development of the cars of Chris Porrit. According to Electrek, the company he was hired to work on “special projects,” including the Apple Titan.

About Apple developing its own car became known in September 2015.