The head of US national intelligence, told about the main purpose of Putin

WASHINGTON, 25 Oct — RIA Novosti, Dmitry Zlatarev. The main principle of foreign policy of Vladimir Putin is that Russia, in his opinion, is one of the key players in the modern world, said the Director of national intelligence James Clapper at a conference in the Council on foreign relations.

During the event, the Clapper, asked whether he believes that Russia sees itself returning as a superpower due to the fact that the US is losing out.

“The natural course of history is that we have moved from the bipolar system of the cold war to a multipolar structure of international relations, where countries such as Russia, China, and see themselves as important, if not dominant players. And they are,” said Clapper.

According to him, we are not talking about any vacuum. Clapper stressed that “this historical process that we can influence”.

Answering the question about the purpose of the Russian leader, the head of N. I. the US said that Putin is driven by his vision of Russia as a superpower.

“I think he sees Russia as a great superpower. It is extremely important that the US treated Russia as a great power,” — said Clapper.

He also said that Russian-American relations are “strained,” noting that between Moscow and Washington remain divided on Syria and Ukraine.