Vedomosti learned about the transition in the AP former employees of Russian Railways and Rosneft

Anton Nagralyan — assistant to former President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and former employee of “Rosneft” Vladimir Konovalov go to work in the Department of internal policy (Ohr) under the office of the President. About this “Vedomosti” told two close to the Kremlin interlocutor and confirmed people in the AP.

According to the newspaper, Nagralyan will lead the Department’s regional personnel reserve in the CIP. It will form a “clear the bench” for the regional authorities to, if necessary, was the reserve from which it would be possible to find a replacement, according to the interlocutor of the newspaper in AP.

Konovalov takes the position of chief Advisor to the Ohr, however, the source of “Vedomosti” in the AP claims that it can move to a higher position as soon as this appears.

Two close to the Kremlin sources also say that the AP can go the Deputy Director General of “Rosatom” in economic analysis and planning, Sergey Novikov. In the AP transition Novikov is not confirmed and the source in the “Rosatom” assured that Novikov continues to oversee “the implementation of important techniques” and therefore his defection is unlikely.

People DIP in and close to the Kremlin, the source said that in the AP thought to abolish the Department of regional personnel reserve, because it was not effective. Ex-employee of AP in an interview with “Vedomosti” said that “in the political environment there is a tremendous lack of understanding of the logic and semantic load of these”.

On Saturday Vladimir Putin has replaced the head of the presidential administration on domestic policy. He became Deputy presidential envoy in the Central Federal district Andrey Yarin. His appointment was previously reported RBC with reference to three interlocutors close to the Kremlin. They told me that Tatyana Voronova, who previously held this post, will head the apparatus of the state Duma.