Roskosmos ordered a study of the Earth’s natural resources-16 billion

MOSCOW, October 24 — RIA Novosti. “Roscosmos” will receive 16 billion rubles for the creation of optical-electronic space complex for research of natural resources of the Earth and space system based on it “Resurs-PM”, follows from materials procurement Corporation.

It is noted that the data obtained “Resource-PM” will be used to create and update topographic maps and plans of cities, control of pollution and degradation of the natural environment, monitoring of emergencies (floods, droughts, landslides, fires, etc.), environmental monitoring, inventory of natural resources (agricultural land and forests, pastures, fishing areas, seafood, etc.).

Also, as noted in the materials, data from “Resurs-PM” will be used to search for oil, gas, ore and other mineral deposits, control of building development, water protection and reserved areas, the construction of highways and other large structures, the detection and reception of information coming from ship stations and international cooperation.

The orbital system will consist of at least three spacecraft “Resurs-PM”. Also part of this system should include: space complex, deep space navigation system GLONASS and ground complex planning applications and reception and dissemination of information of earth remote sensing, multifunctional space system relaying “Ray.”

The contractor selected “space-Rocket center “Progress” (JSC “RCC “Progress”), to complete the work have until 25 November 2022.