In France began to settle the camp with thousands of refugees

Migrants queue at the sorting center. Calais, 24 Oct 2016

The French government has launched a procedure for the settlement of a natural refugee camp in Calais known as “Jungle”, according to Reuters. The resettlement of the “Jungle” began on Monday, October 24. According to the calculations of the authorities, the whole procedure will take at least a week.

French authorities close the camp, where, according to various estimates, from 6.5 thousand to 10 thousand migrants for humanitarian reasons. Refugees plan to resettle 450 specialized centres across the country, where they will receive medical care and be able to apply for asylum in the country, if they previously did not.

The night before the camp was recorded skirmishes between its inhabitants and the police. The migrants threw stones at police and torched a number of buildings in protest against plans to dismantle the camps, according to Reuters.

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The French government settled a spontaneous refugee camp in Calais

Monday, October 24, began the resettlement of the disaster refugee camps in Calais French. They live a few thousand migrants who use the camp as a staging post on the way…

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In the camp lived mostly refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea and Somalia. Reuters reports that they have 1300 street children.

The French authorities expect that in the first day of his leave 2.5 thousand people.