The state Department commented on the non-admission of Russian observers to the elections

WASHINGTON, 21 Feb – RIA Novosti. Russian observers should seek admission to the polls in the United States as part of the OSCE, said state Department spokesman John Kirby.

Earlier it became known that the authorities of Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma have refused the request of the representatives of the Russian Federation to attend the General election in the US on 8 November as observers.

“Russian officials had the opportunity to join the joint mission of the OSCE… We have made clear that we welcome their (observers) actions in accordance with established procedures,” said Kirby at a press briefing.

He reminded that the decision on the admission or non-admission of observers accept the authorities of the States, not the Federal government of the United States. Kirby also assured that the Federal government did not give the state governments any recommendations on admission or non-admission of observers from Russia.

“We have nothing to hide… We are confident that our electoral process is protected (against fraud) and safe. And it will be fair and free elections,” added the spokesman.

Previously a member of the CEC of Russia Vasily Likhachev told RIA Novosti that the surveillance capabilities of the Russian representatives for the election of the President of the United States today confined to remote monitoring, permits the direction of the national delegations, the Russian side does not receive the U.S. Embassy does not answer, and directed the state Department to the OSCE / ODIHR.

At the end of September Likhachev reported that he discussed several forms of possible participation of Russia in international election observation in the United States. In particular, the possibility of participation in the mission of the ODIHR of the OSCE from this option in the end refused, and also the possibility of sending a Russian delegation of independent observers. Last week he told me that more than likely other formats, in particular, the possibility of participation of representatives of the Russian Embassy in Washington, as well as the creation of a CEC working group for the implementation of remote monitoring.