The defense Ministry commented on the redistribution of pension savings

The Ministry of defence commented on the reports about the direction of the balance of the budget reserve, formed from frozen pension savings of Russians to repay loans the military-industrial complex (MIC).

As previously wrote RBC, this was stated by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov. The Finance Minister said that all the money you get a defense that will give their defense companies to pay for credits.

In the press release of the Ministry of defense, which entered the RBC, it quoted the official representative of the Ministry Igor Konashenkov, who stated that information about the direction of the “frozen pension savings of Russians” at the disposal of the Ministry of defence is “absolutely not true”.

According to him, at the hearings in the state Duma “was talking about the fact that the balance of the budget reserve may be used to repay loans of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex”.

However, Konashenkov said that “the enterprises engaged in military production, are not subordinated to the Ministry of defence and are independent of economic activity.”

Speaking in the Duma Siluanov said that the debt of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex to commercial banks is one trillion rubles. The repayment of debts to defense enterprises on 800 billion rubles., planned before the end of the year, will be partly financed by the rest of the so-called presidential reserve formed from the frozen pension savings of Russians, was announced by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov at a meeting of the state Duma.

“And now, 800 billion of that trillion, we offer you to repay a 200 billion remain still until 2020. So, then, the Ministry of defence, in accordance with the credit obligations to banks, getting those 800 billion, give the money to the relevant companies,” the Minister explained.

The reserve at 342 billion rubles was established in the budget for 2016 “as a result of the moratorium on the accumulative part of pensions,” the Minister said. According to him, RUB 150 billion of it spent on the support of Vnesheconombank, 25 billion — on a priority project the construction of new schools. The balance of this reserve, 167 billion rubles, according to Siluanov, the Finance Ministry proposes to be used for repayment of Bank loans of defense plants.