“T Plus” the authorities have promised a trouble-free supply of the Komi region

Group “T Plus” and the government of the Komi Republic have agreed to cooperate to ensure reliable and cost effective electricity and heat supply of consumers of the Republic. This was reported on the website of the company.

“The parties agreed to take joint measures for accident-free maintenance of power equipment and heating systems in the Komi Republic and to improve the payment discipline of consumers of services”, — stated in the message.

The company guarantees to the region to ensure regulatory technical condition of the equipment Vorkuta CHPP, including investments in the amount of 1.7 billion rubles to 2019. Vorkuta Central hot water boiler transferred from fuel oil to gas and takes her load from Vorkuta CHPP-1 by 2018. It is also planned to improve the efficiency of Intinskaya thermal unit.

The government of the Komi Republic intends to create working groups which will consider the transferability of the thermal grid complex of Vorkuta to the concession. They will also discuss the conditions of competition for the concession vodokanalnyh complex of Vorkuta and INTA to the end of March 2017. It is noted that the government will “promote the equal position of enterprises “T Plus” among the participants of the energy complex of the Komi Republic”.

In August, the Governor of the Komi Sergei Gaplikov has complained to President Vladimir Putin to the company “T Plus”. According to the Governor, because of the “critical state” of the CHP, not modernizirovana for several years, preparing the power grid Vorkuta for the coming winter are under threat. At “T Plus” pointed out that consumer debt in the amount of RUB 6.3 billion and the high price of fuel supplied Vorkutaugol for the needs of power plants, are the major factors that complicate financial and production activities of energy facilities.

September 7, was arrested the head of the “T Plus” Eugene Vainziher. Also were arrested the previous General Director “T Plus”, managing Director “Renova” Yevhen olkhovyk. In case there is a third person involved, the former head of “VimpelCom” Mikhail Slobodin (he was head of the “T Plus” to the Olkhovyk and wainzinher). Top managers accused of bribery to the former leadership of the Komi Republic the amount of 800 million rubles.

According to investigators, the company received the best rates for heat and electricity and other benefits. Also in office of public Prosecutor of Komi has declared that from-for connivance of the officials “T Plus” for many years did not invest in upgrading capacity.