Trump declared victory in the final televised debate of candidates in US presidents

MOSCOW, 20 Oct — RIA Novosti. Candidate for US President, Donald trump declared victory in the final TV debate with his opponent from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton.

“I was honored to win the final debate for our movement,” wrote trump on his twitter under the publication of the results of the blitz survey of the nine American news publications and TV channels, readers which gave preference to Trump in the debates.

After the debate, a number of American news outlets have offered to Internet users to answer the question: “Who won the debate?”. The opinions were divided. So, a CNN poll showed that 52% of viewers support Clinton and only 39% of trump.

The final debates were the most rigid and full of mutual attacks in recent history. During the three debates the candidates criticized each other. In particular, in the second debate, trump said that when his power Clinton would be sitting in jail.

The focus of the final debate was once again Russia. Clinton accused Moscow of spying for the Americans, trump explained the “dislike” her rival to Vladimir Putin that he is “smarter”.

Final debate, trump and Clinton – photoblog RIA Novosti