The ROC was not surprised the caricature of Charlie Hebdo at the opening of the Cathedral in Paris

MOSCOW, 20 Oct — RIA Novosti. Publish scathing articles and caricatures in the French Charlie Hebdo about the opening in Paris Russian spiritual and cultural Orthodox centre is blasphemy, said to RIA Novosti, the leading Internet-project “Priest online” hieromonk Macarius (Markish).

Previously, the authors of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo made the cover of the opening theme in the Paris Orthodox Cathedral, also dedicated to her an article on one of the bands edition. It includes a brief excursus into the history of Orthodoxy in Russia in the twentieth and early twenty-first century, a description of the events leading up to the opening of the temple, presented in a critical, mocking, sarcastic and mocking manner. Caricature article portrayed the Cathedral, the domes of which is painted pouting face.

“We regret their savagery, and we deplore their folly, we are sorry about the blasphemy, but as they say, in a strange monastery with its Charter, not walk. Foreign country still Amazing… this is nothing but good and also not” — said the priest-monk Macarius.

He noted that with the magazine for publishing the cartoons “do not ask”. According to the cleric, it’s in the difference of perception of religion in different people. So, in Russia, for believers, in his words, “shameful atheism”.

The ceremony of laying the first stone at the construction site of a Russian Orthodox spiritual and cultural center was held in Paris in April 2015, the Quai Branly — on the land acquired by the Department of presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation in March 2010.

It was expected that the Cathedral will be present the presidents of France and Russia Francois Hollande and Vladimir Putin, but the Russian leader’s visit to Paris was cancelled. At the opening ceremony, which was held in the French capital on Wednesday, the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky and the Bishop of Bogorodsky Anthony, head of the Moscow Patriarchate office for institutions abroad.