Tesla will equip all new vehicles with equipment for self-government

Tesla will test new software that will allow all cars to become fully Autonomous. About this at the conference on Wednesday night said the head of Tesla Elon Musk, according to CNN. The company expects that by the end of 2017 the vehicle can drive from new York to Los Angeles without a driver.

Next week the car will start to be equipped with a large number of cameras that will give the computer all-round visibility. In addition, the vehicles will have computers that will be 40 times faster than the ones installed in cars Tesla now. Also cars will be equipped with advanced ultrasonic sensors.

“It really is a supercomputer in the car,” said Musk.

Before to equip the cars with new features in the software, Tesla will test them on real roads. So, will work in the background, allowing the computer to work out all the solutions and compare them with the actions of the driver.

Owners of older models will not be able to update them by installing new cameras and sensors. Full self-driving will only be available to owners of Tesla S, X and the third model.

“The modernization of the machine this is not realistic,” said Musk. — “This is how to make the car a transplantation of the spinal cord”.

The company want self-driving cars was two times safer driver-a man, however, Musk said that the car full self-management can be 10 times safer than the average driver, says CNN.

The new system will not receive the names of the autopilot, as it involves human effort in the management process.

In addition, the existing system of pilot is designed only to work on the highway with limited access, while new unmanned systems will be able to function even on city streets with pedestrians, cyclists and complex intersections, noted Musk.

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In early October, Musk announced the presentation of the new “surprise” product. Business Insider then wrote that a new product may be the second generation autopilot for drones, Tesla, who will be able to read road signs and recognize the traffic signal.

In September the company said the work on the new update semi-Autonomous driving system that will use an advanced radar. System Autopilot 8.0 will prevent accidents and deaths, and will also stop the system if the user does not respond to audible warnings.