Vedomosti has appealed the court’s decision on the claim Sechin

Print one of the editions of the newspaper “Vedomosti”. Photo March 2015

The newspaper “Vedomosti” appealed the decision of the Ostankino court of Moscow, under which the publication was ordered to remove from the editor’s website an article about the house of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin and destroy remaining in the edition of the paper copies.

“The court received the appeal from the newspaper “Vedomosti” with a request to cancel the decision of the court at the suit of the head of “Rosneft” on protection of honor and dignity,” — said “RIA Novosti” Christina Batyrova.

Caused the claim Sechin article was published in the newspaper “Vedomosti” and on the official website of the publication 20 July 2016 under the headings “Sechin makes a nest in Barvikha” and “Vedomosti” found the house of Igor Sechin, in Barvikha”.

The authors of the article informed readers about the construction of the house the head of “Rosneft” in the elite Barvikha village in Moscow on a plot of 3 hectares.

As argued by representatives of the plaintiff, the defendants violated the constitutional rights of their principal, in particular, revealed the information constituting the secret of his personal and family life. 16 Sep Ostankino court Sechin met.