The results of a survey in Moldova showed the leader among presidential candidates

CHISINAU, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. The head of the party of socialists of Moldova Igor Dodon leads the ranking of candidates on a post of the President of the Republic, from the data of the survey, presented Wednesday the company Intellect Group.

The data of sociological surveys conducted on the territory of Moldova, in General, demonstrate the high level of support Dodon on the part of voters. According to previously published survey of the Association of sociologists and demographers from the Republic, the leader of the socialists support 33,9% of respondents.

According to the results of the current study Intellect Group, a candidate Dodon would vote to 31.4% of the respondents (33.5 per cent in the previous version of the survey). A single candidate from the right-wing opposition, the Party leader “Action and solidarity”, the former Minister of education of Moldova, Maia Sandu has secured the support of 14.8% of the respondents (11.5 percent), the democratic leader Marian Lupu was 13.9 per cent (12.7 per cent). Announced withdrawal from the presidential race the leader of the Party “Platform “the Dignity and truth” Andrei Nastase won 9.3% of votes (12.1% in the previous version of the study), the leader of the European people’s party, former Prime Minister of Moldova Iurie Leanca, with 6.7% (7%), and a candidate from Our party, led by Renato Usatii, journalist Dmitry Chubashenko – 6.4 per cent (4.4 per cent). Candidate from the “Party of Shor” Inna Popenko would support a 2.2% (1.1%) and the head of the Liberal party, Mihai Ghimpu, the speaker for the unification of Moldova with Romania, and 1.1% (1.4% in the previous version).

According to the survey, 10.2 percent of the respondents undecided, and 4% of survey participants stated that generally will not participate in the vote. The other candidates would have voted a total of 1% of the respondents.

The survey was conducted from 10 to 16 October. It was attended by 910 people. The maximum error is 3%.

The direct election of the President of Moldova is scheduled for October 30. This is the first direct presidential elections since 1996. Since 2000, the election of the President was held in the Parliament based on the votes of three-fifths of the deputies. However, on 4 March this year the constitutional court of Moldova annulled the changes to the Constitution of the Republic of July 5, 2000. Thus, again in force of the previous mechanism for the election of the President directly by popular vote.