Domodedovo international airport will launch a virtual operator

OOO “Domodedovo It services” (DIS) in late September received a license for rendering services of mobile radiotelephone communication with use of the business model of a virtual mobile operator (mobile virtual network operator, MVNO), according to the materials of Roskomnadzor. The license is valid in Moscow and the Moscow region until September 2021, the company must start providing services no later than September 28, 2018.

Virtual operators provide services using the network of a real cell phone companies. To obtain this license the company needs to organize its own system of switching, billing, etc. (in addition to installing base stations).

According to information on the website of Domodedovo, DIS is the single provider of IT services the airport. The company manages the IT infrastructure of the airport — a data processing center (DPC), servers, data networks, etc., provides telecommunication services. According to SPARK, DIS is 100% owned by the Cyprus “DME limited”, which also owns the “international airport “Domodedovo” and other entities belonging to the structure of Domodedovo.

DIS wants to launch its own LTE network (the standard for cellular communication of the fourth generation, 4G) of the airport, said RBC press service of Domodedovo. “It will be used as a wireless data communication network for automation of technological processes of the airport,” — said the press service.

To launch the project is scheduled for late 2016 — early 2017. “The network is deployed for the solution of technological tasks of the airport, subscribers will be employees of the Domodedovo airport. External clients to attract not planned”, — said the press service.

The press service noted that at the first stage the network will be about 1.5 thousand of users, then the project can expand to 6 thousand users. Investment, the name of the partner among mobile operators and other details of the project Domodedovo not disclosed.

Major cellular operators have not confirmed the participation in the project. The press service of “MegaFon” said that the company is not in talks on cooperation with Domodedovo. The representative of “T2 RTC Holding” (Tele2) explains that the company is “open to all offers and is interested in the development of the MVNO sector”. The press service of MTS and “VympelCom” have refused comments.

Until recently, the major mobile operators did not dare to cooperate with MVNO, and similar projects were implemented only affiliated with the operators of the company. Independent MVNO on networks of the “big four” works “a daughter” “Gazprom”, “Gazprom Telecom”. She has launched a MVNO on the network of “MegaFon” for the needs of the employees of the Corporation. Another project implemented in the MTS network company “interregional transit Telecom”. This migrant MVNO Aiva Mobile. Sberbank is preparing to launch a virtual project networks, “T2 RTC holding”. But this project will be focused not only Bank employees but also its clients, said the source RBC familiar with the details.