Successful launch: China has sent into space manned spacecraft “Shenzhou-11”

MOSCOW, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. China successfully launched the space ship “Shenzhou-11” (“Holy hook-11”), on its Board there are two members of the crew.

In the past two days, “Shenzhou-11” needs to dock with the space laboratory “Tiangong-2” (“heavenly Palace-2”). The crew will conduct several medical and scientific experiments. Just taikonaut (as in China called astronauts) will stay in orbit for 33 days.

Successful start

The spacecraft was launched from the cosmodrome “Jiuquan” in Gansu province. On Board the “Shenzhou 11” are two people — a crew commander Jing Hypen and Chen Dong.
Hypen, for the third time went to space. Prior to that, he was part of the crew of “Shenzhou-7” (September 2008) and “Shenzhou-9” (June 2012).

Launch 11 mission was successful, said the head of the Chinese program of manned spaceflight “Shenzhou” Zhang Call.

The six day schedule

In orbit taikonauts have an extensive program. The representative of the program of manned space flight of China on the Pin said that the crew will work in orbit for six days a week.

Over the 33 days that taikonaut will be in orbit, they will perform a series of experiments. By the way, the mission of “Shenzhou-11” will be a record for China in duration.

China on the path of a powerful space power

Chinese President XI Jinping congratulated the mission “Shenzhou -11” with a successful job. According to the Chinese leader, the new mission is “important progress in the manned space program of China”.

“I hope everything will continue in the same spirit, and fulfill all the tasks, to speed up the process of space exploration of China and to create a powerful space power,” — said XI Jinping.