In Kursk, the woman received two years in prison for the murder of a fourth child

VORONEZH, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. The court sent two years in prison the mother of many children from Kursk, which killed a fourth child — a baby girl, said on Monday the Prosecutor’s office.

“Industrial district court passed a sentence on criminal case concerning 31-the summer inhabitant of Kursk. She was found guilty of committing a crime under (article) “murder by mother of the newborn child immediately after birth”, — stated in the message. The sanction of this article provides till five years of imprisonment.

According to prosecutors, the woman already had three children. One of them lived with her mother, the other grandmother, from a third child who has a severe congenital condition, the mother refused and was given up for adoption. When the woman was again pregnant, she hid her condition from relatives and friends, and stood on the account in medical institution.

“The final decision to get rid of it the defendant took after beating roommate. In a certain period of time woman without assistance gave birth to a girl. Not holding the baby, she dropped it. The child hit his head on the floor and cried. Then the defendant started to hit baby on the head until he stopped screaming,” — said the Prosecutor.

Then the mother wrapped the girl in a bag and left the room. Soon, the woman felt ill and called an ambulance. The arrived doctors found a still-living newborn baby who died in hospital from multiple skull fractures.

“The court appointed a resident of the Kursk sentenced to two years of imprisonment in a correctional colony of General regime”, — says the Supervisory authority.