Ukrainian interest. Deadly report the incident and the presidential debates without Ukraine

Independent international Commission presented the results of research into the causes of the crash of an airliner in the sky over the Donbas hot in the summer of 2014. The participants rejected the version of a terrorist attack on Board, hitting the rocket or shell fired by another aircraft or the sinking of the liner due to technical problems on Board. The findings confirmed the original version of Ukraine: the liner was destroyed by a Russian air defense system that covered the battle formations of the separatists. The members of the Commission do not hurry to blame this war crime, preferring to note the presence of the suspects in 100 people.

The Russian leadership has decided to respond to the findings of the Commission by denying the obvious. The newly elected Duma members seemed to compete in who is more efficient will try to shield the Kremlin and to accuse Ukraine and the West. Sergei Lavrov refused to apologize for downed airliner, than, by and large, only exacerbates the situation. However, the lack of accusations against Russia should not deceive anyone: this unprecedented crime, the search and punishment of perpetrators is crucial. Short-sighted actions of the Russian leadership loses credibility to his words. It is interesting that this occurs on the backdrop of the collapse of the Russian—American attempts to find a common language on the conflict in Syria. Washington and the leading EU countries in the ultimate order demanded Kremlin to stop the barbaric bombing of Aleppo. The JTI report regarding the circumstances of the death of flight MH17 looks deadly for Russia’s reputation.

The increased attention of Western leaders remains to the conflict in the Donbass. Barack Obama and Angela Merkel in a telephone conversation confirmed the need for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. It is a pity that the Kremlin-controlled fighters are in no hurry to fulfill the agreements of breeding the warring parties in the three sectors in the Donbas, continuing shelling of Ukrainian positions and not allowing the representatives of the OSCE SMM to monitor the situation.

Mourning events in connection with 75-th anniversary of Babi Yar tragedy was overshadowed by the statement of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, who expressed confidence in the involvement of the OUN to the destruction of the Jews during the Second world war. I must say that the Israeli President this statement gave preference to an unjust generalization and jeopardize the development of bilateral relations. On the other hand, made from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada’s statement is further evidence of the need to rebuild information policy of Ukraine, abandoning reactivity in favor of creative assertiveness.

Kiev was visited by head of the European Council Donald Tusk and the European Commissioner for trade Cecilia Malmstrom. Tusk discussed with Poroshenko the prospects of ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, MS Malmstrom brought a new batch of trade preferences for our producers. The European Union towards Ukraine continues the policy of carrot and stick – the allocation of the next tranche of financial aid postponed to 2017.

In a television debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald trump Ukraine was not mentioned. Frankly, this is logical, because the situation in our country is not a foreign policy priority for Washington and the fight for votes, the priority is the internal problems of the United States and the vision of their solution. Today it is more important to see the performance of the 45th American President more committed towards Russia, which continues to provide his actions a threat to the civilized world.

Eugene Magda