The Patriarch said that does not divide the parishes of the Russian and foreign

LONDON, 15 Nov – RIA Novosti. The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill at the divine service in the Russian Orthodox Church abroad (ROCA) announced that never divides the parishes of both Russian and foreign.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church makes 15-18 October first pastoral visit to the Kingdom in honor of the 300th anniversary of the Russian Church’s presence in the British Isles.

“Division existed for many decades. But this division is in deep ecclesiological sense never was a real split, but only only a superficial scar on the body of our Church,” the Patriarch said.

He noted that “this division was overcome, and today there is one Russian Orthodox Church”. “And I, as the Patriarch never divide parishes to the Patriarchal and foreign so-called, because for me it is all the parishes of the one Russian Orthodox Church,” he said.

According to Patriarch, it is a “force multiplier” of the Church. “We’re not wasting energy on bickering, figuring out some historical truth, and we send them to the education of our people, to strengthen the Orthodox faith, and the preaching of Orthodoxy everywhere where there is our Church, including here in the UK,” said Patriarch Kirill.

The spiritual leader addressed words of encouragement to those community members for whom life away from the homeland is complicated. “People want the new place to arrange his life, find a job, get an education, and I know that your life is difficult, except maybe a few people that their welfare put at home”, — said the Patriarch. He noted that “a stay abroad should every believer strengthened in faith, sharpen his religious feelings, helping him to rely on faith and prayer in difficult life situations”.

The Patriarch gave as a gift to all those present his worship the icons with my blessing on the back.