Media: the court in new York has charged a Russian woman charged with extortion

MOSCOW, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti. The authorities in new York on Friday brought official charges against the Russian Svetlana Zakharova in extortion at the former Governor of new York Eliot Spitzer 400 thousand dollars, the newspaper writes New York Daily News.

She Zakharova, the newspaper notes, was not present in the courtroom, where she was represented by counsel Christopher Wright. It is expected that Zakharova will be delivered in court in Manhattan on November 1.

Russian woman in February has accused the former Governor of new York Eliot Spitzer of committing violence against her. Earlier it was reported that it is suspected of trying to extort ex-Governor of 50 thousand dollars. She is also suspected of falsifying documents in another case.

On Monday, the woman returned to the United States. Shortly after landing at the airport in new York, she was arrested.