In Voronezh, in the clash of football fans injured four people

VORONEZH, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti. Four people, including three fans from Moscow and a policeman, were injured as a result of clashes between the fans of the capital “Dynamo” and “Torch” before the match in Voronezh, have informed RIA of news a source in medical institution of the city.

Match 17-th round of the championship of Football national League (FNL) “Torch” — “Dinamo”, held on Saturday in Voronezh, in the 58th minute of the match was stopped due to unrest in the stands. Fans of “Dynamo”, located on the podium behind the gate, decided to arrange a fight with the local fans and, after moving from their sector in a blank separating them from fans of the Torch, began to break chairs and throw opponents. The same steps followed from fans of the Voronezh team. The fight was stopped by the forces of law enforcement, but the verbal sparring between fans still for some time continued. The match was restarted after about 10 minutes and ended with the victory of “Torch” — 2:1.

“Football there are no victims. The fight was before the start of football. There are four victims. Among them — three Moscow residents and one police officer”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the police officer was hospitalized in hospital of an emergency medical care №1 with a wound from a traumatic gun.

“He is in the Department of surgery after surgery. The stable, non-life-threatening”, — said the representative of the clinic.

Of the three victims of the Muscovites, one was taken with a gunshot wound to the right leg in hospital “electronics”. Another received a fracture of the metacarpal bones, but refused hospitalization. According to the latest data, all three injured fans from Moscow, refused hospitalization and continued outpatient treatment.