In the exclusive economic zone of Russia detained a ship from North Korea

MOSCOW, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti. North Korean fishing vessel detained in the exclusive economic zone of Russia in Primorye, a Russian frontier guard is wounded when trying inspection, the press service of the FSB of Russia.

Near the banks of Quito Yamato in the Japan sea border patrol ship of PU of the FSB of Russia for the Primorsky Krai at 05:20 (14 October at 22.20 MSK) stopped a North Korean fishing vessel “Mae young 10” (home port of Sin). On Board were planted in observation group.

On Board the “Mae young 10”, where 48 citizens of the DPRK, was discovered illegally extracted water bioresources. During the inspection the team of the intruder refused to comply with the requirements of the members of the observation group and behaved aggressively.

Observation team was reinforced by the staff of special purpose units of the FSB of Russia.

At 16:55 (10:55 GMT) detained the ship tried to escape from the exclusive economic zone of Russia. Warning shots from small arms team of the intruder did not respond. At 19:30 (12:30 GMT) border patrol ship complied with warning fire from the ship’s weapons, but “Mae young 10” stopped the motion. To stop a North Korean ship, on Board of which there were FSB officers, were fired to kill the screw-a steering group of heavy machine gun. The ship lost speed and went adrift at 19:44 (12:44 MSK).

During the shooting of the propeller and the steering group team members the intruder tried to pounce on the FSB of Russia. One of the members of the observation group was shot in the head.