FSIN has called “groundless” the fears of the General RCDS for your life

Arrested on charges of bribery, the head of management of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko may not fear for their health, as it is under the constant supervision of the prison doctors, told “Interfax” a source in the Federal penitentiary on 14 October.

Maksimenko fears for his life a spokesman called “baseless” because the prisoner is under medical supervision in the remand prison “Lefortovo”, which is equipped with a system of surveillance. He also stressed that “Maksimenko is on preventive supervision”.

All rights of the General TFR in fully implemented, the source said “Interfax”, noting that the diet Maksimenko does not differ from the diet of other prisoners.

The head of management of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Limonov and the first Deputy head of the Moscow dome RCDS Denis Nikandrov was arrested in July this year. According to investigators, for the money they were promised help in liberation from prison close Shakro Young.

Earlier, on 9 October, Nikandrov said that the FSB had used psychotropic drugs in relation Maksimenko, reported by “Novaya Gazeta”. He said that Maksimenko “taken to the FSB, where he was given tea and, apparently, there was added psychotropic drug”. “He then could not remember his name, did not recognize anyone. So very need they had something to learn from him,” said Nikandrov. He stressed that the expensive psychotropic drugs can be used only with permission of the Director of the FSB.

On the eve of “RIA Novosti” with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Moscow ONK eve Markachev reported that Maksimenko stopped eating the prison food, fearing that there is something to add. “We made a recommendation immediately hospitalized Maksimenko, so he did a survey and prescribe treatment outside Lefortovo”, — said Markachev. The representative of Committee has underlined, that Maksimenko in recent days, lost 15 kg.