The Russian Embassy in Britain has warned of the attacks “clowns”

The Russian Embassy in great Britain warned the Russians about possible attacks of the clowns, a message posted on the official website of the Department.

According to the Russian mission in recent times in different regions of the United Kingdom “there are cases of attacks on people of criminals in clown costumes.” About the Agency reports citing the local media and law enforcement agencies.

“The purpose of the antics the British “clowns” is to cause fear and confusion” — noted on the website of the Russian Embassy. “Please in the UK of Russian citizens to take this information”, — stated in the message.

About “clown hysteria” in the UK, wrote The New York Times. According to the publication, one of the first attacks occurred at Brunel University, when a student dressed as “clown killer” ran on the campus of the institution, brandishing a saw.

Also The New York Times has noted cases in the English counties of Leicestershire and Essex. In the centre of England the malefactor scared a local resident walking in the dress “creepy clown” at the cemetery, and in the South-West — two clowns in a black van was invited to a party two Schoolgirls. In the incident, as passed to The Guardian, senior pupils in the Clacton (Essex) forbidden to leave the campus during lunch break.