The New York Times refused to refute an article about the harassment of trump

The candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump

The American newspaper the New York Times (NYT) said on Thursday that rejects the claim of the candidate in presidents of the United States Donald trump of slander and will not deny his material, in which two women talked about harassment on the part of trump. In a letter to attorney trump said Vice President and Deputy General counsel of the NYT MC David Crowe, reports Reuters.

“Nothing in our article did not have any impact on the reputation that Mr. trump and his words and actions made himself,” wrote Mack Crowe.

He added that if trump continues to insist that the article was defamatory, the newspaper will “welcome the opportunity in court to persuade him”.

The trump continues to insist on his innocence. Speaking Thursday at a campaign rally in Florida, he called the claims “absurd and ridiculous” and vowed to provide evidence.

“We have strong evidence to challenge this lie, and they will be published accordingly in due time, very soon,” — said the politician.

Earlier NYT article said at the headquarters of the trump. There called it fiction, and warned the newspaper that, releasing “an absolute lie”, it is possible to make a “political murder”.

An article entitled “Two women talked about inappropriate touches trump’s” (Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately) was published on 12 October. It is now 74-year-old Jessica Leeds from Manhattan told me that when she was 38 years old, she sat next to the tramp in the cabin and during the flight, the politician allegedly raised the armrest and began to touch her.

Another interlocutor of the newspaper — Rachel Crookes said that in 2005, when she was 22, she worked as a Secretary at the reception of the company Bayrock Group, whose office was belonging to the Trump tower the trump tower in Manhattan. Once trump forcibly kissed the girl at the door of the Elevator, she told the NYT.

Previously, the newspaper The Washington Post published a video in 2005, which trump tells the story of the seduction of a married woman. Then, the candidate in presidents of the United States noted that often tries to kiss beautiful women and that “when you’re a star, they can do it.”

Later, the CNN has published 18 more snippets from various interviews in which trump talks about women “rude and humiliating”. The white house called the Republican on women and “sexual violence”, but the tramp’s already admitted that he said “stupid things” and apologized for such statements.