Media: two women accused trump of the harassment

MOSCOW, 13 Dec — RIA Novosti. Two American women accused the candidate in US presidents from Republican party Donald trump that he “inappropriately touched” them during the meeting, reports the New York Times.

The newspaper published the story of two girls accidentally met with billionaires a few years ago. As told 74-year-old Jessica Leeds, about 30 years ago, she was flying near the trump in new York in the first class cabin. According to her, about 45 minutes after takeoff, the billionaire lowered the armrest and began to molest her. “He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere,” — says the woman. Due to the inappropriate actions of a neighbor, she was forced to sit in the tail section of the aircraft, the newspaper said.

On another occasion told Rachel Crookes. According to her, in 2005, when she was 22, she worked as a Secretary in the company Bayrock Group, which office is in a skyscraper Trump Tower in Manhattan. One morning she met a billionaire near the Elevator and knowing that her firm does business with trump, and introduced herself. After shaking hands, the businessman did not let go of her hand, and began to kiss on the cheek. Then, according to Crookes, he kissed her “on the mouth”. “It was very inappropriate,” — said the publication of the girl.

As the newspaper notes, women are told about what happened to them after the trump during the second debate, stated that he had never molested the women and kissing them without permission, despite the fact that you bragged about it.

Responding to the request of correspondent, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, said that “never happened”. The campaign headquarters of Republican called the publication “an invention”.

“This whole article is fiction. Dangerous for the New York Times to be engaged is completely false, in a coordinated effort to smear the reputation of Mr. trump on this topic. To get back to dozens of years ago in an attempt to smear Mr trump, is an attempt to trivialize the concept of sexual violence, which shows how low they are ready to act media to pre-empt the outcome of these elections,” — said in a statement.

The headquarters trump called “absurd” speculation that trump could behave in this way. In addition, the authors of the statement accused the newspaper of trying to play along with the nomination of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and to divert attention from the scandals surrounding her.

On Friday was published the compromising Republican video 11-year-old, which tramp in vulgar terms boasted of molesting women and claimed that all is permitted to him, because he is “star”. After the publication of a video series of prominent Republicans called on trump to withdraw his candidacy from the presidential elections that has no precedent in modern political history of the United States.