The Lithuanian foreign Ministry gave the Russian Ambassador a note because of the incident in the Baltic sea

The Lithuanian foreign Ministry has handed a diplomatic note to the Russian Ambassador to Vilnius, Alexander Udaltsov, said in a statement on the Agency’s website.

The note expresses concern about “repeated actions of the naval forces (Navy) of Russia, which violate the rights and freedoms” of the Republic of Lithuania and other countries in the special economic zone of Lithuania in the Baltic sea, the report said.

According to the Lithuanian foreign Ministry, “Russian warships” 10 Oct “was ordered to change course to civil courts located in the exclusive economic zone of Lithuania.” The Agency urged Russia to abide by the rules of international law and “principles of good neighborliness.” It is necessary to ensure that such incidents do not occur, stressed the Minister.

In addition, Udaltsov was again expressed the concern of the authorities of Lithuania due to the possible use of Russian missiles “Iskander-M”, stationed in the Kaliningrad region. The Minister also noted concern about the flights of Russian aircraft over the Baltic sea and stressed that the fighters of air police of NATO last week 20 times rose to “identify and pursue Russian planes.”

Earlier, the Ministry of defence of Lithuania has informed that in period from 3 to 9 October, the air force fighter jets patrolling NATO airspace over the Baltic sea. During this period, 20 times the fighters were accompanied by Russian planes. Only on 6 October, according to the Agency, they rose into the air ten times. Lithuanian defense Ministry reported about the interception of Il-20 on 7 October, flying to Kaliningrad. The plane had no flight plan, did not maintain radio contact and did not use the on Board transponder. It was also reported about the interception of Russian aircraft.

In October, Estonia has also stated that Russian su-27 violated Estonian airspace. The Ministry of defence these statements refuted. “The flight passed over neutral waters of the Gulf of Finland in accordance with the flight task. From routes no aircraft were rejected, which is confirmed by the data of objective control”, — said the Agency.