Putin has described the US proposal to send Russian military near Aleppo

The militants in the Northern province of Aleppo, Syria, October 11, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow has received an offer to host Russian military on the road to Aleppo, to provide security for humanitarian convoys. Interview of the head of state the French TV channel TF1 published on the Kremlin website.

Putin explained that in Aleppo there is only one road which can pass convoys. According to the President, on the one hand there are the militants, and on the other the government troops of President Bashar al-Assad. “We say: let’s get fighters from one side and the Syrian army on the other, clear the way, will give safe passage on this road for humanitarian convoys”, — Putin says.

Further, according to him, the proposal is fixed in certain documents, but progress is not happening.

“But does the exotic offer. I’ll surprise you and your audience. We suggested to our Armed forces, soldiers of the Russian army, stood on this road and provide security. Our military, people with courage and determination, came to me and said, yeah, okay, we’re ready,” he said.

Putin, in response, proposed to carry out this intention, along with the American military. “We suggested they [the Americans] immediately refused to get up don’t want to take the combat units of these opposition groups, terrorist do not want”, — said the head of state.

In his opinion, the parties should increase the level of trust to each other and to understand that only by working together can they be eliminated.

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The Russian President also admitted that he “plunges into despair and surprise” that “the partners, including us, one way or another all the time trying to get her [banned in Russia organization “Dzhabhat-EN-Nusra”] the scope of these terrorist organizations.”

According to Putin, this is because Washington wants to use militants to fight against Assad and his government. “But we can’t allow terrorists to hide behind people as a human shield and I can’t allow them to blackmail the whole world”, — said the President.

The President also responded to the accusations of Russia in the Syrian conflict and, in particular, the escalation of the conflict in Aleppo. Putin believes that they are “political rhetoric, which does not have much sense” and ignores the real situation. In turn, he blamed the situation in Syria on the United States, its coalition allies and European countries.

The conflict in Syria intensified after mid-September were thwarted by the cease-fire, which acted on the basis of negotiations, the U.S. and Russia on 9 September. On the same day was fired at a convoy of the UN and the Syrian branch of the red Crescent society. After that, relations between Russia and the United States deteriorated sharply.

The escalating conflict has taken place in the Aleppo. Although the government army Bashar al-Assad has decided to reduce the number of air strikes on the city and called on the rebels to leave its Eastern part, the defenders record the air strikes, which killed including civilians.

Monday, October 10, Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault announced that Paris intends to apply to the international court to investigate possible war crimes in Syria. “We do not agree with what Russia is doing, causing air strikes on Aleppo. As never before France seeks to save the population of Aleppo,” he said.