Mammadov will continue as head coach of the national team of Russia on fencing

MOSCOW, 12 Sep – R-Sport, Anatoly Samokhvalov. The head coach of Russian national team on fencing Ilgar Mamedov will retain his post, said the Agency “R-Sport” the President of Federation of fencing of Russia (FFR) Alexander Mikhailov.

Russian fencers won 7 medals at the Games in Rio de Janeiro. The four gold awards were won in sabre (Jan egorian), team sabre (egorian, Sophia Velikaya, Yekaterina Dyachenko, Yuliya Gavrilova), women’s foil (Inna Deriglazova), men’s team foil (Alexey Cheremisinov, Timur Safin, Arthur Akhmatkhuzin); one silver in women’s sabre (Great); two bronze — in the men’s rapier (Safin) and women’s team epee (Tatiana Logunova, Violetta Kolobov and Love Shutova, Olga Kochneva).

“Mamedov, of course, remains the head coach, the contract enters into the DSP of the Ministry of sports. At the moment all trainers are removed from the staff since the season ended, and the next year the agreement will be concluded with all necessary experts, including from Mamedov,” — said Mikhailov.

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