In Russia to create register of domestic IT equipment

The working group in the presidential administration, headed by presidential aide Igor Shchegolev, consider creating a registry for domestic IT and telecollaborative. About this newspaper “Vedomosti”, which reviewed the project road map “to ensure the sovereignty in the field of information technologies and telecommunications”, which contains such a proposal.

The project has been approved by subgroup of “Internet + sovereignty”, said its leader Ilya massukh.

The draft document says that with the help of registry equipment manufacturers will be able to receive state support, and buyers — to look for Russian equipment. As explained Massukh, the registry should work as well as software registry of the Ministry of communications. It will affect only customers among government agencies and departments.

According to Massukh, the register equipment will be divided into several classes — server, telecommunication equipment, personal computers and data storage systems. Also on the list will take into account four degrees of localization of equipment, the largest of which — if the equipment is produced in Russia and from Russian parts. The lowest is the Russian firmware is special software, managing the hardware components. Massukh added that these products will not operate the usual mechanism of the registry, however, they will receive a 15% price preference in the procurement.

The draft roadmap also says that the registry will be created before the end of 2017.

From 1 January 2016, the Russian authorities can not buy foreign software in the presence of analog, included in the national registry. Now the list of lists 1962 Russian product. The law did not apply to state-owned companies, but in mid-July Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has instructed the state-owned companies to conduct a Board of Directors dedicated to including the transition to purchases of Russian.