Forbes ranked the highest paid dead celebrities

Forbes magazine made a rating of the highest paid deceased celebrities. It included 13 people: six musicians, two representatives of the film industry, artistic, athletic, children’s writer, scholar and model.

In the first place among the stars, which even after death continue to earn millions, was Michael Jackson. Over the past year who died in 2009, the singer earned $825 million, according to Forbes. In March, the Japanese Sony Corporation for $750 million bought from the heirs of Jackson’s share of 50% in the largest music publishing firm Sony/ATV Music Publishing, which owns the rights to thousands of songs, including songs by The Beatles.

The second place in the ranking Forbes — American cartoonist Charles Schulz, who died in 2000. The result is much more modest: in one year he earned $48 million.

The third legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. His earnings edition valued at $40 million Since the death of Palmer in less than a month.

The rating also included: “the king of rock’ n ‘roll” Elvis Presley (died in 1977, in 2016, earned $27 million), singer Prince (who died in April of 2016, earned $25 million), reggae musician Bob Marley (died in 1981, earned $21 million), children’s writer Theodore “Dr. seuss” Geisel (died 1991, earned $20 million), member of the Beatles John Lennon (died in 1980. earned $12 million), scientist albert Einstein (died 1955, earned $11 million), the model 1950-ies Bettie page (she died in 2008, earned $11 million), rock musician David Bowie (died in January of 2016, earned $10.5 million), actor Steve McQueen (who died in 1980, earned $9 million) and the actress Elizabeth Taylor (died 2011, earned $8 million).