Unreasonable expectations: the Russian “Junior” was not included on the UEFA Cup

MOSCOW, 11 Feb – R-Sport, Vasily Konov Jr. Youth national team of Russia on football once again failed to make it to the final round of the European championship, although before the training of the Russian team had great promise and hopes for a trip to Poland in 2017.

Khomukha does not sdyuzhil

The Russian team eventually made a failure in their qualifying group with 9 points having taken only the fifth place and ahead of only the Faroe Islands. Only over the rival Russians won all his victories in the selection. The expected winner of group 7 were the Germans, for them is Austrians, Finns and Azeris. The Russian team for the whole duration of the youth Euro in a modern format has qualified for the European championship only in 2013, not typing at the tournament in Israel in the end no points.

Now fans of the youth national team of Russia was entitled to demand from the team for at least the second spot in the group, which under certain circumstances gives the opportunity to participate in the play-offs. Before you start taking the Russian national team headed by Dmitry Khomukha, which in 2013 was sensationally won the Junior Euro 2017 (U17) with the Russian young men, and in 2015 won the silver medal European championship (U19). Thus the fact that Homoge trusted team U21, looked quite logical.

Moreover, the composition of the youth national team, some players which already played in the European Championships, made it possible to achieve high objectives. However, at the start of the selection team Komugi suffered two away defeats from the Finns (0:2) and Austrians (3:4), thus demonstrating good football. After which he was on duty won the victory over Faroe Islands (2:0), and then disaster struck – the defeat of the Azeris (0:3). And a week later Khomukha was dismissed.

“We will stop the cooperation with the staff of Dmitry Homuha. We wish him good luck. I’m somewhere and guilt, I admit that on the background of his successes (the Junior team) I was the initiator of his invitation. A youth coach should be appointed with the help of a coach, so be it”, — said the Minister of sports and head RFS Vitaly Mutko.

After this decision, opinions are divided. Of course, some were convinced that Khomukha “not yet ripe” for this post, and others assured in the haste of this decision. “For me this is unexpected news. I believe that nothing will stop cooperation with him, had run to the coach. Two or three years for sure. I think the conclusions jumped to. He’s in the team all the guys were talented. If he worked with the team for another two or three years, I think they would have won something. But the decision is made, nothing can be done”, — said Roman Zobnin.

Also publicly reported on the split in the team Komugi into two camps: the team born in 1995, longtime coach, and the rest. Of course, this order of things also prevented the national team.

Pisarev was not able to perform a miracle

After Komugi the Junior team was again headed by Nikolay Pisarev, who previously led the team between 2010 and 2015. Contract Pisarev was calculated to the end of the selection. And the first match is already his team stalled on the Azerbaijanis (2:2), and then the Russians to withdraw from the group could only mathematical odds, which immediately vanished after the home defeat from the Germans (0:2).

The remaining four matches of the youth national team of Russia held under the slogan “for the country’s prestige”. “In this age of motivation is probably not necessary to say, all eager to play, get hurt, if you do not enter into the composition of — normal. Not all get enough game practice in the clubs, so any problems with motivation there,” — said Pisarev.

In the end, was produced the second victory for the national team of Faroe island (3:0) were drawn with “batted” by the Austrians (1:1) and the Finns (1:1), and a decent defeat of the Germans (3:4). “It is clear that the results of the cycle of sad. But we have tested a large group of players born in 1994-95, and later on in the tournament, we checked the players 1996, that is, we have looked forward,” summed up the results of the selection Pisarev, adding that in the future cycle, the team will play home games in the regions.

Plus the question remains, who will coach the youth team on. “Soon, I hope, will be meeting with the President of the RFU, as quickly as possible to resolve the issue of my future. If I want to stay on the post of coach of “youth”? It all depends on the conversation with the President of the RFU,” said Pisarev.

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