The problems of doping and Babysitting Zhukov: in Kovrov ended the second day of the forum

VLADIMIR, 11 Feb – R-Sport, Sergey Smyshlyaev. The second day of the international sports forum “Russia – country of sports” have presented some important news, among which the impending resignation of the head of the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) Alexander Zhukov.

The international sports forum “Russia — sports power” was launched in the Kovrov district of Vladimir region on Monday.

Mutko: the race, the results of the Federal program and the book

The second day of the forum began with a mass race dedicated to the XIX world festival of youth and students. Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko came out at the start of the athletic fields Dobrograd along with 250 other participants, including an outstanding skater and member of Russian state Duma Svetlana Zhurova, Russian ice skater, Olympic medalist Irina Slutskaya, the students of the Vladimirskiy universities, sports industry professionals and others. The length of the distance amounted to 2017 meters. XIX world festival of youth and students held in Sochi in October 2017.

The program of the day promised to be more than eventful, but the main attention was drawn to two sites. One of them Mutko has summed up the results of the Federal target program “Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015”, presented the book “Sports image of Russia”.

“We are completing a very important stage in the development of physical culture and sports of our country, — said Mutko on the presentation of the book. In 2006 appeared the Federal program, in 2009 it adopted the strategy of development of physical culture and sports. The aim was to influence of physical culture and sport on quality of life of citizens. The Federal program became the locomotive of development of our sport. Over the years, 20 million people came to the sport”.

Also, the sports Minister has awarded the Krasnodar Krai became the best among the regions of the Russian Federation on development of physical culture and sport in 2015, having handed over the diploma and the challenge Cup. Krasnodar Krai won the overall classification. The second was Tyumen oblast, the third — St.-Petersburg.

Women in sport

In parallel within the different site of the forum held a discussion club “Women in sport: playing by the same rules” with the participation of two-time Olympic champion Yelena Isinbayeva, Irina Slutskaya, the Governor of Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova, a Russian gymnast, two-time Olympic champion in exercises on parallel bars, Svetlana Khorkina and other famous women in sports and sporty circles.

Was raised a number of important topics, including life after sport. “There comes a time when you realize that the sport — no, — said Isinbayeva. — Thank God, if you have a family already. Leave in a great life and think, how to live? Life begins is quite different. Sport it’s the same war, but without weapons, we on the sports grounds of defending the honour of the country. There are veterans of the great Patriotic war, for example. Here we need to introduce the concept of “veteran of sport”, the signs also give because we too gave a part of life, defending the honor of the country. Because many remain unclaimed.”

Also, a celebrated Russian athlete applying for the post of head of Russian athletics Federation, and maybe even on a post of the head OKR has told that will present their program after 9 November and shared his thoughts on the current situation in the Russian sport.

“After November 9, I really will need support because it will start the election campaign, — said Isinbayeva told reporters. Then I will present more widely the program. At the moment I understand that the athletics need a change, and if this continues, our athletes had no chance to return to international competition. The desire for change motivates me”.

Doping and double standards

The culminating events of the day promised to be a plenary session of the “Sports-2030. The program of the future” and the meeting of the Council for development of physical culture and sports under the President of the Russian Federation. At the first meeting made a number of important statements, not without one of the most problematic the last time – the topic of doping.

“Recently in this (sports) field, we were faced with double standards: with bypass international law, — said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. — On the one hand, we learn from our mistakes, on the other — we back in the days of boycotts. I was recently in the Museum of Thessaloniki. Every Olympics just described and in the figures, the whole history of the 20th century is the history of boycotts and political decisions, when the Olympics were separated peoples. In the last 20 years the situation has changed, and our goal is that our world remained United. You need to create the new without destroying the system, and improving it.”

“The system should be transparent, to separate one from the other, in any case not punishing the innocent. It should be controlled by society and the community, but not to individual interest groups. Russia has pledged to correct their own shortcomings, will soon adopt a law establishing criminal liability, conduct necessary outreach and educational work and so on. We will do all of this quickly and expect the same from the international community,” he said.

Spoke at the plenary session and the President of the Association of international federations of summer Olympic sports (ASOIF), Francesco Ricci Bitti, who said that proud was responsible for the decision on the individual tolerance of Russians to the Olympic games in 2016.

“With regard to the practical problems of today, doping is a problem which has affected Russia and the other countries in the world — said Ricci Bitti at the meeting. — I’m proud to say that I was responsible for the decision, which allowed to make individual decisions on the admission of Russians to Rio. Me a attack, but I’m proud of that decision. Believe that the Olympic movement is largely because of this still United”.

Sport is outside politics

Closed the plenary with his speech, Russian President Vladimir Putin, stressing that the fight against doping in world sport should be based on clear rules and be completely open, should be aware of who and how to check, and what the results of these audits.

“Sport, of course, must be above doping. But, of course, we must be sure that what is done in this important sphere. We should all know who check check when and by what means, what are the results of these audits and what is done with these results”, — Putin said.

The President recalled that sport “is rightly called the universal language of communication”. “Together we must do everything possible to ensure the “purity” of sport, to become completely open, so that was out of policy to the ideas and values of United Nations and peoples”. He drew attention to the fact that “politics today, as we have seen, intervenes in the sport.” But, according to the President when “we are talking about purity of the sport, we mean not only politics.”

Meanwhile, Putin said that the coordination of the work of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory will be engaged in the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov. Among other proposals announced by the President, was also a career decision. According to Putin, to oversee the sports, youth policy and tourism in Russia is one Deputy Prime Minister. His candidacy will be submitted to the President Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the near future, said the press Secretary of the head of the government Natalia Timakova.

Has not bypassed a theme of the use of athletes for medical reasons illegal drugs. As the President said, Russia hopes that the IOC and WADA will discuss the issues related to the use by athletes of allegedly medically drugs prohibited for other athletes.

He added that “with this need to do something, we must think, we must, of course, to ensure the interests of the athletes health have to take any medications. But then you need to at least everyone knew about it”, — said the President, noting that perhaps it is worth considering the results of these people in a special manner.

11 types of control

Also on the Board summed up the results of the Olympic games in 2016. The President emphasized that the Russian athletes at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro showed not only their athletic talents but also the ability to take a punch, overcoming an aggressive information campaign.

“Here again, in General, the performance of the Russian team was very dignified. And I want to thank again both athletes and sports federations, clubs, regions that participated in the training of athletes. These victories are not merely the result of skill and not only talent, but, of course, and fortitude, ability to take a punch”, he said.

“Our team managed to overcome the biased, sometimes unfair attitude and an aggressive informational campaign that was unleashed against the Russian athletes,” added the President, noting that “the last Olympics and showed the problem areas”.

“Unfortunately, in some sports, and their order 11 — the gap has become chronic. Moreover, in seven sports, and this is very much our athletes this year at the Olympics in General not qualified. With all this we should carefully understand: the sports Ministry and the Olympic Committee of Russia, and to take concrete measures, and the leadership of the sport Federation to make appropriate conclusions”, — said Putin.

The beetles will leave the ROC

One of the key news of the evening was the upcoming resignation of the President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Alexander Zhukov.

“The head of ROC — elective office, sooner or later the powers over, over time. I’m going to focus on the work in the State Duma as a Deputy Chairman in the International Olympic Committee, I am a member of the IOC is to perform a very important function. Will interact with the IOC, international organizations”, — Zhukov told reporters.

Later it became known to Agency “R-Sport”, the election of a new President of the ROC will be held in December, and one of the candidates to this post is the same Yelena Isinbayeva.

“There are a lot of decent people who can apply for the position of President of the National Olympic Committee. There are worthy candidates, but it is too early to talk about it”, — added Zhukov.

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