Sarkozy criticized Hollande’s position in relation to Putin

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has criticized the current policies of President Francois Hollande against Russian leader Vladimir Putin. This writes Le Figaro.

Sarkozy said that despite their differences with Putin, he considers it necessary in the interests of France and Europe to engage in dialogue with Russia.

“We need to talk with Russia, to explain how her attitude is not acceptable on a number of issues”, — stated the former President of France.

The visit of Putin in Paris was held on 19 October, but on 11 November it became known that the Russian President canceled his trip.

October 9, Hollande declared his doubts about whether talks with Putin. “Can you do something that will be able to stop what he [Putin] is doing with the Syrian regime? That is, the support of the air forces of the regime that dropped bombs on Aleppo residents? So I ask myself the question, whether to accept Vladimir Putin. And if I meet him I’ll tell him that this is unacceptable and seriously affects the image of Russia”, — said the President of France.

In turn, October 11, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow refused to negotiate with Hollande due to the fact that the program of the visit fell of the scheduled event. Questions about what caused the cancellation of events, Sands was suggested to ask the French side.