Obama spoke about the challenge to go to Mars by 2030

President Barack Obama said that the US government is working with private American companies to “create conditions to support deep space missions.” The head of state wrote in her column posted on CNN.

“We established a clear goal is vital to the next Chapter of space history of America: to send humans to Mars in 2030-ies, and safely bring them back from the ultimate goal — one day to stay there for a long time,” wrote Obama.

Obama also stressed that the us government starts working with private American space companies to build habitable modules for deep space.

“I am pleased to announce that we are working with our commercial partners to develop new habitat for humanity who will be able to provide transportation for astronauts on long missions into deep space. These missions will show us how people can live away from Earth — what we need for the long trip to Mars,” wrote the American President.

He wrote that at the beginning of his presidential term, his administration has funded programs to study the cosmos. The President thus acted at the Space center in Kentucky with a call to rethink and strengthen the U.S. space program. Obama said that after a few years due to his initiatives, NASA has been able to increase the time of stay of astronauts on the ISS as well as helping private space companies to create jobs by capitalizing the potential of the space industry.

The Martian missions have already informed, some private U.S. companies, particularly Boeing and SpaceX.

In September 2016, the head of the company SpaceX Elon Musk presented the first program of the Martian Interplanetary Transport System and told about the plans to send to Mars 1 million people. According to the plans of the Mask, the ships can carry to Mars at the same time 100 people, but in the future the company intends to increase the number of passengers to 150 or 200 people. Each ship can be used 12-15 times. The cost of the flight should not exceed $200 thousand

Later, on October 5, the American company Boeing has announced its intention to occupy a key position in preparation of the first manned flight to Mars, ahead, thus, in this area SpaceX.