Hagan: Russian ranking of universities can improve the quality of education

CARPETS, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. New Russian ranking of universities is intended to increasingly improve the quality of education in Russia, and do not increase its attractiveness to foreign students, said RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of education and science Veniamin Kaganov.

The concept of a new international rating, which will be produced in Russia, were presented at the meeting of the Board of the Russian Union of rectors, which was held in Samara. It is planned that the founders of the new rating will be the Russian Union of rectors, Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of education, the management company will become Russian rating Agency “Expert RA”.

“The rating, which, as you referred to, offered (rector of MSU) Victor Sadovnichy, directed not so much to increase as to improve the quality of education, motivation and incentives. Any efforts in this direction, I think, for the benefit,” said Hagan.

According to him, at the end of the year, Russia ranked first in the world in dynamics of growth of foreign students.

“Any rating (going) good. The quality of education, in our opinion, gradually and consistently growing. This does not mean that all problems are solved, but they gradually resolved. The new rating is probably necessary to identify some other aspects, because the rating is not an axiom, there are set certain parameters, they highlight certain issues,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Sadovnichy previously reported that the desire to participate in the rating is expressed in dozens of countries, including China, India, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan.