Poll: majority of Russians consider the prosecution Zakharchenko justified

MOSCOW, 10 Oct — RIA Novosti. Three quarters of Russians heard about the corruption case of Colonel of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko, most believe the charges against him warranted, and more than 60% of respondents referred to the bribery in the police force to become a mass phenomenon follows from the results of the poll.

The poll was conducted on October 1-2, 2016 among 1,600 respondents through telephone interviews. The statistical error does not exceed 2.5%.

Sociologists note the rather broad resonance, which received the arrest of the Colonel of the interior Ministry Zakharchenko: heard 77% of respondents. Greater interest in the case among men (82%) and seniors (86%).

The majority of citizens agree that the found the defendant in money is amassed in a dishonest way — through theft, bribery (59%); as well as illicit sources of income is called shady business (13%), fraud with the banks (4%). Share answers, justify Zakharchenko, very small: 4% of respondents believe that he earned the money, the 1% have won, also 1% of respondents stated the version of fraud (“match”).

While the Russians take this matter rather as one example of the problem of corruption of the police environment, explain in the polls. So, “63% of respondents referred to the bribery in the police a mass phenomenon, less than half (30%) — isolated case”, said the sociologists.

Among the sensational corruption cases, history Zakharchenko as one of the recent, recall, the respondents in the first place — fifth (21%) of respondents named it. Also among the defendants in high-profile cases respondents remembered the ex-official of the Ministry of defense Evgeny Vasilyev (12%), former defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov (11%), former governors of Sakhalin, Kirov region and the Komi Republic Alexander Khoroshavin (10%), Nikita White (6%), Vyacheslav Gayzer (2%).

“Major criminal cases instituted on the fact of corruption, the Russians are in the majority is not considered a systemic struggle with corruption. So, 57% of Russians believe that their rather revealing shares, while the opposite opinion is shared by only 33%”, — stated in the materials of VTSIOM.

The results of a similar survey conducted in July, high-profile cases considered indicative shares of 59% and indicative of the real fight against corruption — 28% of respondents.

The Chairman of the Board VTSIOM Konstantin Abramov, commenting on the results of the survey, noted that corruption scandals attracted the attention of the majority of citizens: “at the moment, almost half of Russians “without a clue” is called at least one name of the detained or convicted high-ranking corrupt officials”.

“However, it is important to understand that the majority of Russians continued to believe it is rather indicative of the action, can radically change the situation with this problem in various spheres of society. So, the authorities need to give more importance to explain the aims and objectives of anti-corruption policy”, — the expert added.

According to the company “Medialogia” in August – October 2016 in the Russian media, there were about 10 thousand mails with references to the name of the Colonel of the interior Ministry. “Medialogia” has conducted monitoring and analysis of publications in the Russian media during the period from August to October 2016 on their own database of media, including $ 32.5 thousands of sources.

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