Kyiv regional Council voted for the Treaty of delimitation of powers with the Central government

The decision was made at an extraordinary session

At the extraordinary session of the Kyiv oblast Council deputies by a majority vote approved the appeal to the President of Ukraine and Prime Minister with the requirement to sign the contract on differentiation of powers between regional and Central government, reported on the official website of the Board.

For this decision voted 57 regional deputies of the 84, transfer Ukrainian news.

Kyiv regional Council became the seventh regional Council, which is supported by contractual relations with the Cabinet. The decision was made at session by deputies from the faction of “Fatherland” and was supported by the faction “Samopomich”, “Opposition bloc”, “DILL” and “Freedom”.

Against the appeal made by the deputies from BPP. According to them, such treaties contradict the Constitution of Ukraine. However, the majority of the deputies criticized the President of Ukraine and the Central authorities and did not support the initiative of BPP on the withdrawal from the agenda of solutions in support of contractual relations.

“We do not need here to speak about the hand of Moscow and intimidate us by the Central authorities”, – said the Deputy Igor Saby from the faction “Freedom”.
The treatment of deputies notes that the reform of decentralization of power is imitating.

“Given the above, the proposed: to consider the issue of transition to contractual relations between the Government, local Executive bodies and bodies of local self-government for the division of powers”, – the statement says.

For the implementation of the contractual relationship the deputies asked the Central government in consultation with the regional councils to prepare draft amendments to the laws of Ukraine “About local government in Ukraine”, “About local state administrations” and the Budget Code of Ukraine.
In the course of consideration of the appeal at the session the head of the Kievoblsoveta Anna Starikov said that the party of the PPO and “popular front” do not care about the interests of the communities, and promote their own business interests.

“Did you know that the two biggest factions in Parliament – the PPO and “popular front” – in the first reading adopted a unique law for our state on the establishment of offshore zones? And what is it for the state’s economy, what industries and what business operations are subject to these offshore companies? Confectionery, sugar, bus industry. You know?! A representative of the BPP tells us that it is not necessary to consider the appeal on the responsibility of the Cabinet for the implementation of programs of socio-economic development. We have reform 3 years go, not reforms, and experimentation”, she said.
First Deputy head of the Kievoblsoveta from the party “DILL” Vladimir Maybozhenko, commenting on the decision, said: “If the Central government fails to solve people’s problems, share powers. Why are you so afraid of this? Our community, we are here to solve it. We create our state. We fight for the unity of our country. And after that, schools will warm the batteries, the children will be fed, will drink hot milk”.

Igor Saby from the faction “Svoboda” in turn, said: “We are 2 years promise that the war will end. And every time the rising price of gas, when rates rise when the dollar is increasing, we say that you can’t criticize the government, as it is in the hands of Moscow. And who still says something against the government, so it works. It is necessary to understand who benefits from it – to whom war, to whom mother is native! We must act in the interests of our citizens – Ukrainians”.

The MP believes that it is necessary to clearly separate powers between the Cabinet and the regions. “And we do not need here to speak about the hand of Moscow and intimidate us by the Central government. We don’t have to do what us tells the regional administration. We are an apolitical body, we were chosen by the people. We must convey to the Central government what the people want. And Central authorities, unfortunately, are deaf,” says the Deputy.
We will note, President Petro Poroshenko said that the proposals of the regional Council on the contractual relationship contrary to the provisions of the Constitution and threatened to dissolve these councils. “No contracts regional councils with the President will not” – he said. As previously reported, 6 from the regional councils of Ukraine acted in support of Treaty relations with the center. The decision of the Odessa regional Council endorsed Zhytomyr, Kirovohrad, Khmelnytsky, Ivano-Frankivsk and Poltava regional Council.