Experts have given up looking for the tiger crosses the road in Primorye

VLADIVOSTOK, October 10 – RIA Novosti. Experts have given up looking for the Amur tiger, is seen in the town of Artem, Primorsky Krai, told RIA Novosti Director of the far Eastern branch of the center “Amur tiger” Sergei Aramilev.

Last week in local social networks a video which shows how a large animal runs across the road. According to the author, removed it in the city of arteme. Scientists have found that this is a young Amur tiger, and urged people to exercise caution. The territory was examined by a group of hunting management Department.

“Traces of a tiger were found, also no new information about the predator didn’t arrive. But the fall could only find traces of a long-term stay of a tiger. The beast at the initial stage did not show himself, did not eat one is not disturbed, so the search stopped,” — said Aramilev.

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